Our Foreign Worker Services

We offer a comprehensive service for hiring foreign labour, i ncluding finding qualified candidates, placing them in jobs, handling payroll, adhering to regulations and more. In order to locate and hire the best workers for your company's needs, we continuously grow our global network to suit the ever-changing demands of business. Being a labour expert that provides competent resources for both skilled labour and general labour, we have a stellar track record of achievement.

Our Range Services:

  1. Recruitment of Foreign Worker (KDN Approval Quota Application)

  2. Foreign Worker / House Maid Permit Renewal & Management Services

  3. Professional Employment Pass / Visa (DP10) or Visit Pass

  4. Special Pass (SP for OverStay Foreign Worker)

  5. Abscondment of foreign workers (Lapor Pekerja Lari)

  6. Transfer Of Endorsement (Pindah Endorsement)

  7. First Endorsement

  8. Change Of Employment Foreign Worker

  9. Cancellation Letter (Calling Visa)

  10. Refund Levy Processing (Unused KDN Quota)

  11. Apply My Travel Pass Foreign worker / Malaysian (Applications For Entry & Exit Of Malaysia)

  12. Passport Renewal With Transport Services

  13. Spouse Visa Malaysia (Foreigner Married Visa)

  14. Spouse of Malaysian Citizen (Work Permit)

  15. Rekalibrasi Program (Illegal Foreigner Worker Rehiring)

  16. Foreign Worker Insurance & Claim Matters

  17. Transportation Service

  18. CIDB License Application And Renewal

  19. CIDB Green Card Application And Renewal